Small Groups

Get out of rows and into circles.

If you want to grow in your relationship with Jesus, you need to have intentional relationships with people who have the same goal—and a Small Group is the ideal place for that.

Small groups of adults in the same stage of life meet regularly to pursue spiritual growth and healthy relationships. You’ll be encouraged to live out the truths you discover in the Bible, as you encourage others to do the same.

Mansion Groups

Mansion Groups meet in the Living Room of the Mansion at New Community, and are a great place for those who may be new to New Community, or more comfortable in a setting at the church.

Mansion Groups hang together, study the recent Sunday message, study the Word, and pray together. Wherever you are in life, there is a group for you!

Community Groups

Community Groups gather weekly in a home, on line, or public venue throughout the community. In a group you’ll hang out, study the Word, and pray together.

Community Groups come in all shapes and sizes — married couples, singles, men, women, kids, no kids, under 20, over 40 — the list goes on. Wherever you are in life, there’s a group for you.

Womens Groups

Women’s Groups meet weekly in many different formats, for many different life stages. Whether it is a group focused on Bible Study, knitting/sewing to bring hope to others, or simply fellowship over a cup of coffee, you are sure to experience the love of Christ, share a laugh and find the support needed to carry out your daily life.

Mens Groups

Men’s Groups take place in many different formats: online, meeting over breakfast or even before work for the early risers. They generally meet once a week, study God’s Word together, and encourage each other to mature as believers in Christ.

As friendships form, you will begin to hold each other accountable to be consistent in the Word and faithful to Him in the lives you lead as men.

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Interested in Leading a Group?

We are always excited to find new leaders and new groups that will help encourage and equip poeple to Love God and Make Friends.  If you'd like to explore leading a group, we'd love to talk with you!